Hubby’s To Do List

For the first weeks, I needed L to do just one thing: excuse me from tv time to sleep.  As he was catching up on his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on demand episodes, I’d be blissfully – I mean blissfully – asleep. Every now and then he’d pop his head into the bedroom with his “Hey are you wake? Whadda you doing?”

A week or so later, he self added this task the list: pick up Bonne Maman Strawberry Reserve and Peanut Butter Company Smooth Operator when at P&K Market. To my delight, my obsession with toast was always satisfied.

The most concrete to do I thought he’d be great at completing was researching baby strollers. He received this task on January 13th and a few hours later he announced that he had concluded his research and the City Mini GT was our winner. I’ve heard that this is the best buy where I live and it’s on’s best of 2014 list so I’ve already added it to our registry. (Can’t wait to try it!) The second part of this task is for L to find a great baby carrier that is compatible with the City Mini GT (or should I just load all of Baby Center’s Best of 2014 onto my registry?).

The most insane, absurd item on the list which L doesn’t realize I’m quite serious about is the ceasing of his ordering Indian and Mexican foods. Call me crazy but it’s not just that my super smeller is in high gear but rather so is my hearing. The sound of the sqwooshiness of his rice in sauce makes me want to gag big time.

We also have a bunch of fun stuff on his list, like he promises to come to every ultrasound appointment with me, to encourage me to buy as many pants as my growing belly needs, to eat what I want because I simply want it, and to buy me and baby a house! On Saturday, we’re meeting a doula and that act in itself shows me how willing L is to let me keep adding to the Hubby To Do List. Lucky me.