February 2015

First Trimester Prenatal Screening and Natera

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Baby, who? Can I see some ID?

My pregnancy up until week 9 was surreal to me. I felt joy about being pregnant but was hesitant to embrace it completely. It really bothered me that I felt this way during that time. And, like any good thinker, I pondered it and pondered it.  Why wasn’t I jumping up and down and screaming “I’m pregnant” at the top of my lungs?


Aversions & Other Yucks

Things I used to love:

tasty, unusual foods – the more flavorful, the better

staying up late and watching t.v. on demand – marathon style!

flights of beer that I probably would never order again due to hoppiness

Gala apples

pineapple Chobani yogurt

Cobb salad

lamb burger


Hubby’s To Do List

For the first weeks, I needed L to do just one thing: excuse me from tv time to sleep.  As he was catching up on his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on demand episodes, I’d be blissfully – I mean blissfully – asleep. Every now and then he’d pop his head into the bedroom with his “Hey are you wake? Whadda you doing?”


Maternity Smarty Pants

During this pregnancy, I’ve been reading about how some women starting to show their bump around 6 months into their pregnancy. And then there’s my experience. Let me tell you that I welcomed my maternity pants – at week 9. Terry cloth, stretch with a demi band, thank you, Motherhood Maternity. They felt oh-so-wonderful the moment I slipped them on even if I was embarrassed to answer the question “So how far along are you?”